Clean seas, dirty homes

Clean seas, dirty homes.

In honor of World Ocean Day, we're diving headfirst & introducing SEEP, tools you need to get the job done! In the realm of cleaning, where grime and mess lurk in the abyss, a powerful alliance has been forged. We have joined forces to create a harmonious symphony of cleanliness, leaving a trail of sparkling surfaces and happy clean oceans as a result, showing those pesky ocean pollutants who's boss!

We've all seen those cleaning adverts where a chemical concoction dissolves everything from burnt lasagna to stubborn grease stains. But guess what? Mother Nature has her own tricks up her sleeve, and they don't involve burning our eyes or turning us into pseudo-chemists.


Our cleaners harness the power of naturally occurring good bacteria & enzymes to create cleaning products that do the job with finesse. Who knew the secret to a spotless kitchen counter or toilet lay in the hands of microscopic million little helpers? But without the right tools we’ve got all the gear but no idea…

Cleaning Gadgets cleaning up the way we clean

SEEP has embraced the beauty of sustainability and crafted cleaning tools that dance hand-in-hand with the environment. From bamboo-handled brushes to plastic free sponges, SEEP's eco-friendly arsenal is designed to ensure a thorough clean without sacrificing our oceans' well-being. 

Over the years, it has become easier to find greener alternatives - cleaning sprays, toilet paper, washing detergent. But just how many cloths and sponges end up in the bin? Every minute of every day we bin 1,000 kitchen sponges – the majority are virgin plastic.

Designed for a quality clean

SEEP's eco cleaning tools aren't just your run-of-the-mill. Oh no, these bad boys are made from materials so sustainable, even the trees give them a nod of approval for guilt-free cleaning! They’re crafted from responsibly sourced materials, so you can scrub away with the knowledge that you're not single-handedly destroying the rainforest or making marine life choke on plastic. It's like a cleaning revolution, minus the heavy artillery.

So, forget about those flimsy, disposable cleaning tools that disintegrate faster than a pop song's lifespan. SEEP is here to stick it to dirt and grime, all while giving Mother Nature a well-deserved high-five.

It’s time to set sail on the right course and cast away traditional cleaning products. We’re making waves offering you 20% off SEEP cleaning products with code MACKSEEP20. Plus, receive a free gift from SEEP in your next order!