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Biotechnology harnesses the power of good bacteria and enzymes. We won’t blind you with science but to put it simply, it’s soft chemistry and biology working in harmony. Essentially the soft chemistry is the dirt eliminating green surfactants working in unison with enzymes and good bacteria. After the initial clean the good bacteria carry on ingesting the fats, oils and grease accessing the areas that traditional cleaning products can't have an impact on and making the next clean even easier.

Our products do not contain toxic chemicals or any chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life. Of course there are chemicals in our products, just as water is a chemical, but we use the right ones to harness the power of good bacteria and bring you our biotech formulations

The good bacteria in our formula produce enzymes to break down the dirt and grime into simple compounds that the good bacteria can consume. Think of good bacteria as enzyme factories and enzymes as knives and forks. The result of this process is the production of more bacteria that create more enzymes that keep cleaning after the initial clean.

Our formula is probiotic so bacteria create enzymes to break down dirt grime and soiled areas for the bacteria to clean up. This means that the more the bacteria clean up the more enzymes they create, so they keep on cleaning for up to 7 days after the initial clean.

MACK products are safe for you, children, pets, aquatic life and our environment. No toxic chemicals, no strong synthetic smells and no need for gloves and gas masks.

No. Chemical heavy conventional cleaners will destroy the good bacteria and enzymes and there will be no benefit from the residual cleaning made possible by good bacteria . MACK products are a choice, not an option.

Most of our products don’t have a scent as they contain no VOC’s or synthetic fragrances. Some of our BioPods may contain citrus smells which are from natural oils

You might be on the wrong page, but buy something before you leave.

All our products biodegrade in 28 days

All our products are produced in the UK. Our No Bullsheet laundry sheets are manufactured by our MACK distributor in South Korea.

We are pet lovers, ocean advocates and kind to our environment. What a contradiction it would be if we tested our products on animals. Plain and simple.. NO!

Our products shouldn’t cost the earth! We don’t follow the crowd and charge you more because you’re ‘doing good for the environment’! In the first instance, our products are great cleaners and yes they do no harm but why should we charge you extra for that?!

We have partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic, an initiative that collects ‘ocean-bound’ plastic (within 30km from the coastline) in underdeveloped countries. Our bottles use recycled plastic made from Prevented Ocean Plastic.

We take our environmental impact very seriously and we're delighted that we have achieved neutralcarbonzone™ certification! This means that all of our emissions have been offset through an accredited carbon offset program. ⁠We also support the UK reforestation Tree in a Million program to ensure a lasting legacy of social and local economic benefit to our community here in the UK!⁠


Most traditional and chemical heavy cleaning products are not pH Neutral as they use hard chemistry to create their products. We only use soft chemistry and biology in our refills which means that most of our products are pH neutral. For more specific cleaning areas like disinfection or descaling, some of our products are slightly more acidic in order for them to disinfect or descale as they should. To put it simply, neutral pH cleaners are less likely to cause adverse health effects and harm surfaces, and are safe for users and the environment.

Yes our products are safe to use if you have a septic tank

Rest assured these are not plastic - who would we be if we went to all this effort to bring you a low waste, plastic free cleaning product and pack it all in plastic?! The packing peanuts are there to protect your products and they're made from potato starch which can be dissolved in water or put into your food waste bin :)


In most cases, grab your Prevented Ocean Plastic reusable or repurposed trigger bottle, drop the BioPod, fill with warm water (NOT HOT or you’ll kill all the good stuff) and shake to dissolve! Some of our BioPods don’t need bottles so make sure to follow the instructions on the box.

MACK BioPods are a granulated formula in a dissolvable PVA casing.

If you have ordered more than one of one product we simply put 2 BioPods in one box to save excess cardboard. But don’t worry, this is an option you can choose at checkout.

Bubbles are a by-product of detergents that include anionic surfactants (often known as SLS & SLES). These types of surfactants can irritate and their only job is to unstick the grease, grime and dirt and hold them into suspension in the water. This decreases water surface tension which produces bubbles. Our washing up liquid, Dish Jockey, contains only non-ionic surfactants (low to no foaming) that are the real ballbusters in cleaning products. These types of surfactants remove and dissolve the dirt & grease, leaving your plates sparkling without nasty chemicals or wasting water washing those good for nothing bubbles how to sink.

Normally about 3 months or until it smells yuk!


The 500ml concentrate in our BioFlask makes up to 20 x 500ml Trigger sprays (that’s as little as 75p per refill). Unscrew the top, squeeze the flask to fill the 25ml chamber, pour into your reused or repurposed trigger spray bottle and fill with warm water.

Our BioFlasks hold our concentrated formula so they need to be robust and have a long life due to the nature of the product. Once you have finished using your BioFlask this can be returned to us to be cleaned and reused! Circular economy innit!

Baby don’t hurt me

No please don’t! Chemical heavy conventional cleaners will destroy the good bacteria and enzymes and there will be no benefit from the residual clean. MACK products are a choice, not an option

until it smells yuk!

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