Lush loves MACK

Since January 2020, Lush Manufacturing Ltd has been using MACK Cleaning Supplies Ltd as its primary supplier for cleaning products. Lush's attention to the welfare of its employees is critical, especially in an environment that features extensive use of natural ingredients. MACK's product is designed to biodegrade and quickly remove deep-down fats, oils, greases and other grime on floors, and it is especially effective on porous floors that have absorbed a lot of deposits over time, leaving floors slip resistant & prevents grease build-up. 

The immediate success of MACK led to Lush deciding to only use biological products from MACK. in every application the differences were clear, from using their multi-purpose to descaler and dishwasher cleaner.

'The enzyme, bacteria based product has been exceptional in tackling our cosmetic production and domestic cleaning requirements. Dosing systems have been easy to accommodate and are effective in ensuring needless water transport (compared to pre-mixed cleaning products) is kept to a minimum.

The dosing system setup makes it clear which cleaning product is best for which application and it ensures that the quality of the cleaner mix is consistent.

pH neutral solutions being low risk both for the environmental and human interaction is excellent for us too as we need to maintain stringent microbiological levels across our product range. All of the above benefits are magnified by the cost savings we're seeing compared to our previous solution.

Strict Animal Testing Declaration sign-off processes are essential for our business and MACK Cleaning Supplies Ltd have passed these checks.'

Adopting MACK cleaning solutions became a catalyst for other changes, including looking at how this part of Lush's operation could benefit its overall carbon footprint.