MACK X Sea Shepherd

The SEA word shouldn't be a dirty word!


Sea Shepherd UK defend conserve and protect the ocean and marine life by helping restore eco-systems and promote biodiversity. Working in partnership, Sea Shepherd and MACK are working to remove existing and prevent future ocean pollution. 


Many domestic cleaning products are harmful to all aquatic life with long lasting effects. Using biotechnology, we are turning the tide on water pollution, leaving no legacy. That's why we supply Sea Shepherd UK with planet neutral refill products to keep their boats clean!


"We're moving onto a hard boat so we don't have the option to get to a hose pipe with a drain there, it will be cleaned in the water so it's even more crucial to have an ocean safe product. We try to be green and clean in everything we do, it's crucial!" - Mark Muschamp Boat Crew Coordinator - UK Ghostnet Campaign.


We are proud to support Sea Shepherd UK and donate 2% of profits to help fund their ongoing campaigns. The perfect partnership for a cleaner ocean!