The science behind the magic

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to perform tasks or solve problems. Biotechnology cleaning products use good bacteria and enzymes to tackle dirt, dissolve grease and eliminate substances that cause unpleasant odours. Biotechnological processes are known to be smart, clean, and sustainable. Unlike chemicals, the microorganisms in these processes create reactions and produce substances without requiring a full plant production. We call it the 'light touch, long term' method of cleaning.



There are 12 BioPods in the MACK range. 6 are surface sprays, 1 squeezy bottle toilet cleaner, 1 granulated washing up liquid and 4 Pods that require no bottles. All of our Pods are wrapped in a PVA coating which dissolves in water. We suggest using spray bottles no smaller than 500ml and no larger than 1ltr. To Rimfinity toilet cleaner is happy in a 750ml to 1ltr squirty bottle. The BioPods are a granulated form of our BioFlasks and BioFlips which are available only in a concentrated liquid format.


How the BioPods work

The cleaning process is initiated by a natural surfactant found in coconuts. The main purpose of the surfactants is to decrease the surface and interfacial tension of liquid. Without surfactants washing laundry would be difficult and many of the food products like mayonnaise and ice cream would not exist. The cohesive forces between the water molecules are very strong making the surface tension of water high.  As surfactants absorb, they break these interactions thus surface tension will decrease. Some of our products contain no surfactant at all. We also use a carbonate that reduces the hardness of water and a swelling agent that increases the surface area of the soiled area to aid in the cleaning process and that also allows our good bacteria to start the ingestion process sooner. 

When the waste materials are very complex (such as grease or pond sludge), our ‘Million Little Helpers’ (good bacteria) produce enzymes to break down the complex waste into simple compounds that they can consume. Imagine the good bacteria as enzyme factories and enzymes as knives and forks. Our good bacteria produce enzymes, and these enzymes break down the soiling into small components that the bacteria can ingest as a food source. The result of this process is the production of more bacteria, more enzymes, carbon dioxide and water so nothing harmful at all. The addition of 'free' enzymes to the formula speeds the process up as the production of bacterial enzymes can take from 20 minutes to a few hours so by adding these extra enzymes it creates an instantaneous cleaning action.

In addition to the cleaning, our ‘the Million Little Helpers’ (good bacteria) overwhelm the bad bacteria as it's the bad bacteria that cause the nasty odours. As our good bacteria ingest the soiled area, this in turn causes a depletion of the food source that the bad bacteria feed on so also leads to a reduction in their number.


The BioFlasks

The MACK liquid concentrates will produce 20 bottles worth of cleaning products once diluted and are designed to be diluted with cold water with a minimum bottle size of 500ml and a max bottle size of 750ml worth of cleaning product.

There are currently 5 products in the 500ml range, 5 of which are also available in our dehydrated BioPods; kitchen degreaser, multi-purpose, disinfectant, descaler & floor cleaner. The BioFlask has a chamber that fills up when the flask is squeezed and has a 1-way valve that will only allow the precise amount of concentrate to be dosed.


How the BioFlasks work

The BioFlasks liquid concentrates work in a very similar way to our BioPods. Again, the initial clean is carried out by the green surfactants, but these also contain fermentation extracts. Fermentation extracts are essentially plant derived enzymes that break down proteins found in dirt, grease and grime. The good bacteria in the MACK concentrates are harvested from Canadian forests and work hand in hand with the fermentation extracts and the soft chemistry. These carefully selected chemicals will create emulsions and help mobilise dirt and waste to make it more rapidly available to enzymes and good bacteria. Most of the MACK liquid concentrate and BioPods range are pH neutral.