Bad Medicine - Surface Deodoriser


Our liquid remedy makes bad things smell better. A four component action that smells fresh, traps the whiffy molecules and then breaks them down into smaller particles for our million little helpers to ingest, so you’ll get a clean for free. DO NOT use it as an air freshener and always test on an inconspicuous area first. Great for smelly footwear, pet beds, cushions, sofas etc. 

Grab your clean 500ml or 750ml reused or repurposed trigger bottle, drop in the BioPod and fill to the brim with warm water. Shake to dissolve, slap on your pre supplied label and spray hasta la vista to nasty smells. pH neutral and pet, planet and people safe. As Bon Jovi warbled “shake it up, just like Bad Medicine”.

Get your lab coat with lots of pens in the top pocket. The initial clean is mainly done by fermentation extracts, enzymes and green surfactants. Fermentation extracts are produced by bacteria and added into our products to give that immediate cleaning action. Our highly biodegradable actives instantly lift dirt, oil or grease and grime from the surfaces.

Simultaneously, our lab made fermentation extracts break down dirt and grime making them even easier to dissolve in water. Finally, our natural bacteria digest the newly dissolved grime, which eliminates residual odours and they continue cleaning days after the initial clean. We call them ‘a million little helpers’.



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