Dr. Dre'n - Drain Speeder Upper


This ain’t no pipe dream people, it’s reality. Dr. Dre’n is a first responder BioPod to speed up slow-moving drains caused by soap scum, hair and associated debris without the need for nasty chemicals. Enzymatic action breaks down the substances followed by good bacteria that create a beautifully smooth and slippery biofilm to aid the flow of water. 

Directions: To use Dr. Dre’n simply dissolve in a 1 litre container with warm water and pour approx 250ml down each plug hole - leave for 4 hours or overnight for best results. Dr. Dre’n completely biodegrades and is harmless to everything. Nuthin’ but a “D” Thang, baby.

Composition: sugar, precipitated silica, enzyme, bacteria, citrus oil, (food-grade) dye, pH Neutral

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At MACK we are water-centric. 

Why? The cleaning process usually involves this key ingredient.

At the front of the process in the products we use and the back end, normally poured down sinks, drains and toilets that inevitably end up in the sea. That’s why the biotechnology in our products causes no harm to the water that is home to aquatic life. by harnessing the power of good bacteria, it does the dirty work for us. 

Why? Shipping water is madness!

Not only are the supermarket shelves contributing to the plastic problem, but most domestic cleaners also contain harmful chemicals and 90% water. Refilling with our concentrates reduces carbon footprint and they’re made in the UK too!

Why? It takes at least twice as much water to produce a plastic water bottle as the amount of water contained in the bottle.

Creating less plastic is a national effort but what about the plastic that is already here? Reuse and repurpose is in our DNA. Bye bye buy buy!

Our solution?

We’ve partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic to bring you a message in a bottle! Made from ocean-bound plastic and collected by coastal communities, our bottle makes a living and not a killing. 

Prevented Ocean Plastic is trusted by international packaging manufacturers, brands and supermarkets because it is fully traceable across the supply chain and meets all regulatory health and safety and quality standards. 

By choosing Prevented Ocean plastic you are helping to stop damage to our oceans and save marine life; cutting carbon emissions and helping to tackle climate change; accelerating the end of new plastic production; creating income and employment for people living in low-income countries; and helping to drive up standards for the ocean-bound plastic recycling industry.



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