To Rimfinity - Toilet Cleaner


This sticky miracle clings to the toilet bowl and under the rim, giving you a germ free and fresh smelling throne with zero legacy when flushed away. 

Conventional toilet cleaning gels don’t and can’t break down the Uric acid found in a number one, but our biological components in To Rimfinity can and do break it down into ammonia and carbon which then simply evaporate. Our million little helpers continue to clean the places you can’t unsee! Hope we’re not blinding you with science. 

To use To Rimfinity, grab a clean squirty bottle or an empty toilet cleaning gel bottle and give it a good clean out making sure it's no smaller than 500ml but no bigger than 750ml. Pop in the To Rimfinity BioPod and fill to the brim with warm water and allow to dissolve. The longer you leave To Rimfinity – say a few hours – the gloopier and stickier it becomes, so even better adhesion to the toilet bowl. pH neutral and full of our million little helpers. To Rimfinity completely biodegrades and is harmless to everything. To Rimfinity and beyond.

Get your lab coat with lots of pens in the top pocket. The initial clean is mainly done by fermentation extracts, enzymes and green surfactants. Fermentation extracts are produced by bacteria and added into our products to give that immediate cleaning action. Our highly biodegradable actives instantly lift dirt, oil or grease and grime from the surfaces.

Simultaneously, our lab made fermentation extracts break down dirt and grime making them even easier to dissolve in water. Finally, our natural bacteria digest the newly dissolved grime, which eliminates residual odours and they continue cleaning days after the initial clean. We call them ‘a million little helpers’.



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